We dedicate ourselves every day to the research, creation and commercialization of equestrian articles that improve the well-being and performance of riders and their horses.
We are not just a store, we are above all a team ready to be where and when our customers need.
Each customer is unique and for this reason we put at your disposal not only the best equestrian materials on the market but also deliver them to the customer where they are most suitable for your only concern be horseriding.
We specialize in Saddle Fitting and follow all industry trends to best meet the needs of our customers.
We believe that only by assuming this position can we respond to the current and future challenges of the equestrian world.


From a family tradition with more than 30 years in the art of the harness was born O Mundo da Equitação.
In 1998, Maria Helena Libório, followed the passion of her father, Ezequiel Libório Inácio, one of the most respected artisans in the art of the harness, and made it into a world, O Mundo da Equitação.
With a store based in Porto Alto, O Mundo da Equitação, it is present in the most prestigious festivals, fairs and competitions of Riding in Portugal.
In 2007, the website of O Mundo da Equitação was created, where hundreds of products are available for delivery both in Portugal and abroad.
In 2014 we invested in training at Saddle Fitting and currently we provide services not only from Saddle Fitting but also advice and marketing in the most customer friendly location.


In O Mundo da Equitação we believe that riding articles no longer have standard shapes, sizes and functions. There is increasing concern and striving for perfect performance on the part of the riders and this translates not only in the concern with the training scales as with the material used.
Being our area, the equestrian materials, it is up to us to inquire with knights, veterinarians and therapists, how to improve these materials by promoting the well-being and performance of the horse-rider ensemble.
In addition to developing our own materials, we seek to keep abreast of the developments made in other countries, in order to bring them and combine what is best done at a national and international level and offer it to our customers.
In O Mundo da Equitação, time is precious, and for that reason, more than having the equestrian material available we take it to the customers when and where they need it most. Therefore, we try to provide all the necessary services to Horse Riding customers so that all you have to worry about is horse riding.

We commit to offer the best

Our mission is to offer our customers not only the best equestrian materials on the market, but also customize them to the client and the horse. Our specialization in Saddle Fitting is an example of this commitment.
We are committed to being where and when the customer needs it most.
Our mission is to be present not only in the store, but also to provide the necessary advice and material to our customers. Whether you want to know what new equestrian materials are available on the market or when there’s missing last minute reins!


Our values are based on three main pillars: Proactivity, Valorization and Innovation.


Store selling is just a part of our activity. We are primarily engaged in providing Saddle Fitting services, advice and marketing of equestrian articles where customers need.
We have specialized commercials ready to meet the needs of our customers, wherever they may be.


We value our culture, all past values and those born every day in the world of riding. In this sense, we invest in unique materials for Portuguese Riding Way and for the Lusitano horse, the saddle D. Carlos being an example.
Not only do we value the "Portuguese" horseriding and the Lusitano horse, creating materials for your performance, as we value Portuguese talents that stand out and take the name of Portugal to the four corners of the equestrian world.


Just as the world, O Mundo da Equitação, is constantly innovating.
We seek not only to take the best of the equestrian world, but also to bring the best to the equestrian world. For this reason, we have invested in the manufacture of equestrian articles aimed at improving the well-being and performance of riders and horses.
We invest in research that allows us to develop more and better teaching material and personalized to different riders, different horses and different modalities, with a strong focus on dressage. Being Saddle Fitting is our main area of expertise.

O Mundo da Equitação, galloping into the future!


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