We encourage you to read our General Conditions, so that the whole process of interaction with "O Mundo da Equitação" within the website www.omundodaequitacao.com is done in the most clear way, protecting the maximum rights of each party more quickly and free of any problems. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the different ways to do so, listed in the Contacts page.

1. The present General Sales Conditions in force, updated in the last quarter of 2017, are intended to regulate the terms and conditions governing the website www.omundodaequitacao.com and the provision of the Online Shop service of "O Mundo da Equitação - Comércio e Indústria de Artigos de Equitação de Unipessoal, Lda” with head office at Rua da Fábrica 58 D, 2135-144 Porto Alto, Samora Correia, Portugal, Collective Person number 504224387, hereinafter referred to as" O Mundo da Equitação ".

2. The navigation on the website www.omundodaequitacao.com, as well as the purchase of any product in the Online Shop, implies the acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale.

3. "O Mundo da Equitação" reserves the right to modify, without prior notice and at any time, the information and commercial offer presented on products, services, commercial conditions, promotions and prices.

4. The images that illustrate each product presented in the online store may differ from the product later delivered, being also subject, the same products, the stock break.

5. If any image of a product presents a price reference, it may not correspond to the actual value.

6. The aforementioned values of foreign currencies (exchange rates) are merely indicative values / conversions, not being the responsibility of "O Mundo da Equitação", the exact presentation of the values.

7. Despite the efforts and monitoring of the information in the online store, some products may present an inexact price, which is why we check prices whenever we process the orders. Consequently, the prices presented on the website are merely indicative and do not constitute a contractual offer. If the actual price of the product is lower or higher than the advertised price, "O Mundo da Equitação" will inform the customer of such situation by email and will await your decision to accept the new price or even cancel the order within 5 (five) business days from the date the order confirmation email was sent.

8. Under Portuguese law, all prices are shown in euros and include their respective VAT rates.

9. It is not possible to make purchases in the online store, whose value is equal to or less than the value of 5 €, regardless of the method of payment intended.

10. Despite efforts to ensure that all product descriptions are correct, they may differ from one's interpretation. Therefore, the information provided in relation to the description of the products must be seen as our interpretation of the product. The content of our website / online store on www.omundodaequitacao.com is provided for general information only. You should not rely solely on advice given. We suggest the search for exactly correct data, next to the Producers / Brands of the products in question. While we make every effort to update the information on our site, we make representations, promises or guarantees that the content of our website is 100% accurate, complete or up to date.

11. The content of www.omundodaequitacao.com is constantly updated, and can be done at any time and without prior notice. Despite our best efforts, some of the content on our website may be outdated, and there is no obligation on the part of "O Mundo da Equitação" to keep it updated.

12. Despite the efforts of preservation and packaging for "O Mundo da Equitação", some products may exhibit color changes in their packaging, erasures and levels of wear, among others not mentioned. care or preservation, forgery, tampering or counterfeiting. In the case of complaints or return requests, the subject is subject to this condition, we inform that "O Mundo da Equitação" does not exchange or return the product (s), except if the damage to the packaging is passed on to the product marketed.

13. The promotions disclosed on the website www.omundodaequitacao.com may not be applicable to the physical store, located at Rua da Fábrica 58 D, 2135-144 Porto Alto, Samora Correia, Portugal.

14. In order to place orders in the online store of the website www.omundodaequitacao.com, it is mandatory to register the user. With this we intend to keep the whole sale process, clear and transparent before the Portuguese legislation in force. After registering, you can at any time consult your personal customer area, where you can view and edit personal data, order history or change the access password.

15. To order a product, simply add the product (s) in the part of your page, indicating the desired quantity and then clicking the "Buy" button. Amounts can be changed before finalizing the order, as well as deleting products from the Shopping Cart.

16. A summary of the order will always be presented before finishing it, so that you can make a final analysis of it.

17. The prices presented in the online store add to the value of the shipping costs of each order, which are calculated based on the sum of the cost of packaging and the cost of transportation. The cost of shipping depends on the weight of the order and its delivery destination. The total shipping costs will automatically be calculated when you place your order in the "O Mundo da Equitação" online store.

18. After confirmation of the order in the online store, an email will be sent to the contact address registered on the website www.omundodaequitacao.com by the customer upon registration, with all the details about the delivery, invoicing, payment information, products and values. "O Mundo da Equitação " encourages the confirmation of the details of the same, in order to identify any errors. If the customer does not receive the order confirmation email, you are requested to contact "O Mundo da Equitação” through the means available on our contact page, so that the situation is verified.

19. If an order can not be met in whole or in part, the customer will be immediately contacted by "O Mundo da Equitação" in order to find the most appropriate solution.

20. Orders will only be processed upon receipt of payment.

21. As a general rule and after indicating by email that the order has been shipped, it may take at least 72 hours to be delivered to Continental Portugal, approximately 5 to 7 business days in Europe and between 5 to 30 days to reach the customs of the countries in the rest of the world.

22. The ways payment that can be used to place orders in the online store of "The World of Riding" are: Multibanco, MB Way, Paypal and Visa or Mastercard.

23. The order itself does not constitute a definitive product reservation, nevertheless we make efforts to guarantee the products in a normal time window to make payment, by methods that are not related to credit cards. For the Multibanco and MB Way modalities, in order to allow time for the places where payment can be made, we consider that 3 (three) days is a normal time for the same.

24. In the hypothetical situation of simultaneous purchases of the same product (s), whose stock is limited, in our online store and in our physical store and whose online shopping process is finalized without The online user will be contacted by "O Mundo da Equitação" in order to agree on the best way to resolve the issue (return policy or, if feasible, to wait for stock after order by the customer).

25. Orders can be canceled, when expressly requested by the customer, through the contact to the email lojaonline@omundodaequitacao.com, before shipments of the same. After confirming the order, the customer is requested to contact "O Mundo da Equitação", as soon as possible, so that the most appropriate solution can be found.

26. You can track the status of your orders in your Customer Area in the Order History section.

27. Following the actual shipment of the order, the link provided by the carrier to the customer will be sent, whenever possible, by sending an e-mail with the same, and may also be consulted in his Client Area at any time. With this link you can track your order to your final destination.

28. "O Mundo da Equitação" does not send status updates from the location of the order to customers.

29. It is the responsibility of the customers to seize their orders, as well as the payment of customs fees, if they exist. In case of the return of the products, "O Mundo da Equitação" will only refund the respective amount to the products, after receipt and verification of the same. If in doubt, please contact us before ordering.

30. All products sent by "O Mundo da Equitação" must be verified at the time of delivery. If you find that your order is damaged, you must return it immediately to the shipping company, and justify the reason for the return on the delivery note and immediately notify "O Mundo da Equitação" through one of our contacts.

The delivery time for orders is estimated between 3 to 10 working days, but can exceptionally go up to 15 working days, in case of production underload, or stock out. The "O Mundo da Equitação" will keep the client informed by e-mail whenever the delivery time can suffer some delay, beyond the 10 working days. The deliveries will be made by carrier, being the client advised, in the date that is processed the order expedition. Each expedition contains the following documents: Invoice and Return Form.

It is the customer's responsibility, upon receipt of the goods, to verify that they are in good condition, and that no volumes are missing!!! If you notice that any package is damaged, or if any package is missing, you MUST make the complaint on the goods receipt document that the carrier presents to you to sign.

The shipping costs of the order are shared by the client, calculated according to the total weight of the order and the country of delivery of destination. The amount of the expense is shown in the shopping cart, VAT included, according to the two factors mentioned.

31. If, after delivery, you check that any of the items is not in accordance with the order, please contact the "O Mundo da Equitação" as soon as possible by email lojaonline@omundodaequitacao.com, indicating the order number and its elements, attaching the images of the packaging as received and all the articles in question, so that you can check if there is anything that can be done, so that the problem can be solved.

32. The non-payment of the order within 3 (three) days following the date on which it was made implies its automatic cancellation. The customer may cancel an order immediately after payment and up to a maximum of 14 days (for non-customized products), indicating the order number, to the e-mail: lojaonline@omundodaequitacao.com. The cancellation is only considered accepted after receiving a confirmation e-mail from "O Mundo da Equitação" and, in this case all values will be fully returned to the customer.

In the case of customized products, cancellations are not accepted, nor will any value be returned, taking into account the beginning of the production with the specificity of the products produced to measure and customized to the client's taste.

33. "O Mundo da Equitação" recognizes all its clients the right to terminate the contracts they enter into with it, allowing them to return within 14 days of the products purchased under Decree-Law no. 143/2001 and Decree-Law 82/2008 of 20/05. For clarification of any doubt, request for additional information or sending suggestions, please contact us.

34. All purchases made in the online shop of "O Mundo da Equitação" are subject to the Portuguese legislation. Any conflict or divergence of interpretation of the General Conditions of Sale Online will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court.

35. Visitors and users registered on the "O Mundo da Equitação" website at www.omundodaequitacao.com should use this website, strictly for legal purposes only, and can not access it for the purpose of practicing or linking to acts fraudulent or resulting in criminal offense, attempting and / or altering content, transmitting harmful messages or computer viruses or misusing any of its content.

36. "O Mundo da Equitação" may prevent access and use of its website, www.omundodaequitacao.com, without prior notice, whenever it considers that the visitor or user is in a conscious way to breach the conditions defined herein or any other the normal functioning of the website or the rights of third parties.

37. If the Client is outside Continental Portugal, "O Mundo da Equitação" informs immediately that any judicial process must be exclusively established in the Portuguese Courts.

38. Pursuant to the terms and for the purposes of Article 18 of Law no. 144/2015, September 8, we hereby inform you that the RAL entity (Alternative Dispute Resolution) available is the Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center of Lisbon , with the following contacts:

Address: Rua dos Douradores, nº 116 - 2º 1100 - 207, Lisbon.

Phone: 218 807 030

Phone number of the General Directorate of Consumer: 707 788 787

Website: www.consumidor.pt

39. These General Conditions of Sale can be changed without prior notice and should therefore be consulted before any order is placed.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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